Where can I find another wallet in this style?
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I was given this wallet. It quickly broke, but in the short time I had to use it I realized I like how it opens up and fans out the cards. Where can I find a replacement?

I thought it was an "accordion wallet" but that's bringing up all kinds of things. It's small -- about 4" x 2 1/2". The one I have is probably this cheap-o one, with sequins -- but since it broke after just two weeks, I don't want to get that particular one again. It's how the cards are displayed that I like.

I'm in the US. I'd rather shop on-line but don't mind going to a store if there's some great Wallets R Us I should know about.
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Best answer: Try searching for Hard Credit Card Wallets. Amazon has plenty.
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Best answer: I had one that was completely identical to this accordion wallet (got mine at Target but they no longer stock it) and it was very compact and lasted for a good long while (5+ years) until a zipper pull finally broke.
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Best answer: Ooh, I also have a Buxton similar to the one drlith linked to, except fatter (it holds like 50 cards), and I love, love, LOVE it (and actually I found it after I also had a cheapo accordion wallet like yours break quickly). I've had it for about 2 years now and it's still going strong. In conclusion, Buxton FTW.
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Response by poster: I got the Buxton, and it's a bit fatter than I was hoping but otherwise does the trick.
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