Trying to find out this Christian song title
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It was about a man imagining the prayers of his wife and children...

I was listening to a certain Christian song on the radio yesterday which I liked very much, but both its specific melody and the lyrics have since escaped me despite quite a bit of mental effort spent attempting to remember them. I figured it would be in the Christian Top 40, but I searched that to no avail. Still, I would guess that it's recent--probably 2014, and if not that then probably produced 2010+.

I do remember some key parts of its content. The singer was a man, and the speaker was a father who sings about his wife in the first part and his children in the second part, and each time he imagines their prayer for him. If I remember correctly, both times these prayers asked for him to be willing to fight for them and the man called them the love of his life. Their situation is troubled, where the home situation is lonely. That's pretty much all that I can reliably remember. I'd be very grateful if somebody could help me pinpoint this song! It really was very good.
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Do you remember which radio station? Many have their playlists on their website these days.
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Best answer: Lead Me by Sanctus Real
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Came in to say "Lead Me" by Sanctus Real, but Serene Empress Dork beat me to it.
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Response by poster: That was it! Thank you so much!
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