Real-time tracking on a pre-drawn Google Maps route?
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I lead public walks in Los Angeles. I use Google Maps to plan my routes and social media to allow folks to join us as we walk. Right now, I automatically tweet our location every fifteen minutes. The tweeted links open to a google maps page, which users then must compare to my planned route page. I would like to be able to have our location show up in real time on the map that's already populated with our planned route...

...So far, the only way to do that is to use (on IOS) the Runkeeper App—but that's problematic because many folks don't want to use a specific app. Does anyone know of a way to automatically have my location appear on a pre-made custom google map?

Here's a map of one of our recent walks, so you can see what I'm taking about...
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I don't have a full answer for you but Waze app (which is for driving) will allow you to share your position on a driving directions-generate route.

Also, I know that you can use Google Maps to save kml based maps and map overlays (and Google Earth to do the same thing). I think you can also share your location with Google Maps/Google users.

Seems like it would take some tinkering to put it all together, but it sounds like it may be possible to do.
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Run keeper was what I came here to suggest as well.
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I also came here to suggest RunKeeper. The 'elite' version ($39.99 per year) lets you broadcast your progress. People following your progress (which could be, of course, people with you) can do so via the RunKeeper Web site, so no specific app required. You can set up 'routes', which should allow your progress against the planned route show (I haven't used this, so can't confirm).
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Glympse may do what you're looking for. The App generates a URL for a tracking map, which then can be shared with your intended audience.

You set how long the map is active for, (up to 4 hours, though you can keep extending it as long as it hasn't expired) so each walk, you would just generate a fresh Glympse URL.
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Can you use Runkeeper, take a photo of the map, and distribute that?
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