One Email With Separate Replies
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How can I send a single email to a list of addresses, but have the replies come back separately?

I have a contact list to which I send the same email to, but replies from all recipients merge into one. The recipients do not need to talk with one another, just with me, but I find it hard to follow who has sent what and to file the emails when I have finished with them.

How can I make it so that I can deal with all the replies separately? The only answer I can think of so far is to simply ask them not to reply to my email but write anew, though I figure that it's too clunky to be the only solution possible.
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Send the email to yourself, BCC all the others. That way they don't have a list of recipients and therefore can't reply to all.
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Bcc: the list of addresses, putting the address you want them to respond to in both the From: and To: field. That way, whether or not the receiver selects Reply or Reply-All, it will just go to your desired address.
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I have a feeling your problem is caused by the way your mail software handles 'conversations'. Various programs have different settings to deal with this. What program do you use?
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Response by poster: Because I'm using a legacy account, it's Yahoo Mail online.
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Best answer: Disable Conversations in Yahoo Mail
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Best answer: In that case, this tutorial could be helpful, try experimenting with that setting to see if it helps.
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What nicwolff said :)
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Response by poster: Ah, that seems more simple than I expected. Thank you!
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