What interesting thing can I do with 200 notebooks?
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I have about 200 of these notebooks. I've been thinking about starting a project, maybe something similar to the Wandering Moleskine Project, but I don't know what. What kind of fun/interesting things can I do with them?

The notebooks have 20 wide-ruled, 8 1/2 in x 7 in. pages. I plan on doing all the setup (website, mailings, etc.) for the project, I just need a compelling idea.
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After you've filled them, maybe you can do something like this.
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i'd do round-robins, sending each one to a friend, telling them to fill a page or 2 with whatever they want, and having them just send it on to someone else. When it's filled it comes back to you. If you want, we can do a Mefi one too. They'll fill up fast.
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Or give each one a theme, or give each one a word to trigger responses, or give each one a scrap of ephemera or piece of ad/magazine/newspaper/wrapper, etc...
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You might want to focus on an unusual community, such as children, prisoners, or residents of retirement homes.

Or an unusual venue, such as the subway or, for that matter, Subway restaurants.

I believe that if you affix postage-paid envelopes to the notebooks there is a greater chance you will receive them in return.
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You might want to focus on an unusual community

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1000 journals?
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A mefi-based project sounds pretty cool. I know there are quite a few interesting souls around here. I'm kinda new to Mefi so I'm not sure how to get it all started. Should I post in MeTalk?
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