earworm the soul edition - I ain't getting nowhere
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I cannot for the life of me get this fragment of a song song out of my mind, and googling the lyrics doesn't help me (because a Bieber song has similar lyrics and it's clogging up the google airwaves). Is there anyone out there into soul who knows what this is:

Lyrics "I ain't going nowhere, unless I'm going with you"

It's american soul music, 50s/60s. It's got a bit of a big band sound, could be from New Orleans, but is played at northern soul nights (in UK) from time to time. Rises to a shouted crescendo, it's a perfect song to dance to. I believe it's a guy singing, but it could be a woman with a real belter of a voice. Actually it could be a duet.

Please help me.
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Junior Walker - I Ain't Going Nowhere, also covered by Gloria Jones.
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As a search protip you can remove Bieber results by appending -Bieber to your search terms. The dash (as in negative) tells google "and not". It is really useful for refining searches.
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That's amazing - thank you both so much. It was an unscratchable itch. The song in one and then a good google tip which I never knew. Thanks!
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