How Do I organize Unused Canvases in a small space?
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I live in a one bedroom apartment. 1/3rd of my living room is assigned to my craft table/supply storage for my mixed media art hobbies. I just lean my unused canvases under my desk in that area. How do I organize them more efficiently and WHAT do I put them in?

I got a wild hair up my butt this weekend and decided to reorganize all of my craft supplies. Paper crafts are easy to store --I bought some scrapbook paper totes for that and that's all organized nicely in airtight containers and sorted by type in bags within the totes, so that part's done. I also have a full bookshelf of my paints, glues, etc. The problem is I have no real space for my large collection of unused canvas that I scored from an art school student friend a couple years ago. I'm slowly using them but he gave me about 50 canvases total. I now have about 30 give or take -- ranging in size from 16x20 to 6x8.
They're starting to get dirty from just sitting on the floor in the corner under my desk and I had to throw one of them away a couple weeks ago. Just stacking them looks unslightly to me --if need be, I do have space in my bedroom closet as well. What do I put them in and how would you recommend organizing them? What do you do with your unused canvas, fellow artists?
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Response by poster: I thought I would mention - I did cruise Pinterest and Google and was unable to find something pertaining specifically to canvas!
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Are they stretched canvases? Can you put the smaller ones in a rubbermaid tote in your closet? Maybe the bigger ones can fit in an underbed box?
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Response by poster: I can't believe I didn't think of that. You are smart!
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If you have space on a closet would they fit on a shelf? You could use shelf dividers to keep them upright.
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I have a similar issue with old frames that I keep for random photography printing projects. If your bed has any underbed space you can get tubs that they can go in and larger canvases can just be wrapped in old sheets and put on the floor. You're mostly concerned with dust with stuff on the floor and you can just cover them. Underbed storage is a HUGE asset in a small apartment. I have a platform bed that is the height of two plastic tubs and it's made all the difference in my small place.
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I like to hang lots of mine in empty spaces on the wall so that they can mutely judge me inspire me to work.
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Instead of a box, you can get a cloth bag like this. Cheaper and more flexible, since you can pile smaller items up in the middle and it will still fit around them. You might also get some white tissue paper from the dollar store and put a sheet in between each canvas to help keep them super nice.
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I have a platform bed that is the height of two plastic tubs and it's made all the difference in my small place.

I just got a taller bed frame for this very purpose. I moved some larger pieces that are wrapped in a sheet from under the bed to behind the couch to make room for more bins. Smaller canvases and frames in pillowcases stayed under the bed.
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