Require physiotherapist recommendation in Melbourne
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I'm looking for a new physiotherapist in Melbourne, Australia. Need a good recommendation.

I have a problem with my lower back which I've had long-term, and my shoulder near the scapula. Not an acute injury, but more like a chronic pain which crops up from time to time. I feel like a lot of my problems arise from poor posture and possibly a week core, so I'd like to find a physiotherapist who specialises in those areas (although probably most physiotherapists, by the nature of their professions, would be able to help with these areas).

I tried to go to a physiotherapist that was highly rated on Google maps a couple of times, but was quite disappointed. It turns out it was very much a physio factory, with the physios rushing people in and out. There just wasn't a personal touch or a feeling like the physiotherapists were really listening or were concerned about my issues. They were also a bit unprofessional in subsequent email followups. I could continue to go to them, but I'd like to try to find someone new.

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Where in Melbourne are you? I love love love Myriam at Premier Sports Medicine in Thornbury, I think she also practices at the Fitzroy North location.
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I had good results with Clifton Hill Physio for my lower back pain. They were good and sensible, although they never followed up with me when I stopped going. Don't know if that disqualifies them.

I am lazy with travelling to physios though, so my current physio of choice is Yarraville Physiotherapy. I've been seeing them for achilles tendinopathy and have found them really straightforward and realistic about progress I can expect to make, etc. Emily in particular is great, very happy to explain why different exercises are meant to help etc (I like to understand a bit more rather than just follow instructions).

Don't know if either is convenient for you but they're not far from the city anyway.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the suggestions. I live in the Northeast, but it might be worth a trek elsewhere. I'll check these people out, thanks.
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North Carlton Osteopathy managed to put me back together after being hit by a car and they are also good to talk to, which is good if you are going to spend a bit of time there like I did.
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