What is the ninth thing wrong in Miss Bass's classroom?
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In the children's book Wacky Wednesday, what is the ninth thing that is wacky in Miss Bass's classroom?

This is driving me nuts. I can only find 8:

1. ZY at the end of the alphabet
2. Shoe on the desk leg
3. Miss Bass's roller skates
4. The student at the chalkboard standing on the other student's head
5. The student with the long beard
6. The picture of Abe Lincoln is captioned "George Washington"
7. The student's desk is backward
8. The student has no head

I can't believe I am using a question on this but... What is the last thing?
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Response by poster: THANK YOU
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Oh wow this is an answer to a question I didn't remember I've had pretty much my entire life! Thank you for asking it!
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My daughter and I spent an insane amount of time on this very page. Thank you!
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