Tub Time for Timmy
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I have a huge 100+ gallon tub with jets and such. What are some fun things I can add to my bath time to make it more enjoyable? I already do bubblebath and salts, and have a few floating toys and a water pipe (pan pipes you can play in the tub).. For various reasons I spend hours in there at a time. Generally I read beater books or watch Netflix on my otherwise decommissioned iPhone 4. Assume I am bathing alone and am not afraid of anything
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I like to listen to audiobooks in the tub
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Iced water to drink. Tub crayons to draw with.
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Glow sticks or floating pool lights.
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Oh man, it's so funny because I was just thinking about this this morning, how I used to have so much fun playing in the tub. There were three toys that kept me completely entertained.

The first was the Fisher Price Tubtown, which as fun as it was I'm pretty sure wouldn't do it for me anymore.

#2 was a set of floating foam blocks. I'd try to build increasingly large structures and see how big they could get before topple. I could see myself being entertained by that as an adult.

The third was a waterworks thing with moving parts you could fuss with to make physics happen. That was awesome.

I realize you're an adult but you're asking a fun question so yeah I recommended kids' toys.
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Ziploc bags are pretty great for bringing Kindles and iPads into the bath.
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Bath crayons! Assuming there's tile around you, or space at the top of the tub, you can have a pretty good time drawing (and erasing, and re-drawing..) all sort of good things.

Soap bubble sculptures. If you've used bubble bath and have enough foam, try to make various things out of it - animals, people's heads, whatever works for you.

Zen garden-style raking of the aforementioned bubbles. A small plastic children's rake (not meant for actual working, but for playing in sand) will work for 'arranging' the bubbles into pleasing patterns.
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My wife got me a Hexbug shark for the tub this Christmas; it alternates between swimming at the bottom and the top of the water, so every now and then this little fin will pop up out of the water and cruise around me and that is awesome.

I'm also quite fond of Crayola Color Drops.
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One classic rubber ducky
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Response by poster: I had no idea there were such things as tub crayons. That alone has made the question worthwhile.

A friend.

I did say assume I am bathing alone, but I should have said, "My preferred tub buddy hates baths." This is kinda sad, since this tub would service five. I'm as likely to get her in there as I am an additional three individuals.
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A cat. Obviously you probably shouldn't just get one for the bath time laughs, but if you have cats and you haven't been letting (ok maybe coaxing) them into the bathroom already, you should try it. Mine likes to alternately sit on the edge of the tub, occasionally dipping in a paw or tail, roll around luxuriously on the bathmat, or bat the bubbles around, chasing them and pouncing when she can scoop them onto the floor.
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A pepperoni pizza! Honestly: Surprisingly bath friendly.

Is your friend willing to sit on the edge and read to you?
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Clearly what you need is a collection of Projector Domes that float and only work when placed in water! You can project a whole solar system on your ceiling! It would be awesome!!

(wait. they make mechanical sharks that swim in the bath with you? THANK YOU for asking this question!!)
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A closed cell backpacking pad can float you so just your face is above water , you can relax nearly every muscle in your body .
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Shaving cream is great fun to play with in the bath.
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There are lots of very fun waterproof vibrators and other adult toys!
(hey, you said you weren't afraid of anything...)
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Eat pomegranates.
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An unbreakable pitcher so you can fill it with cool water and dump it over your head. Nothing better in a steaming hot tub
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I came in to say eat mangoes. The are so messy but so much fun to eat in the tub.
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Seconding a cat. I have one who let's me make her a bubble unicorn horn! The others cats are so amazed...
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Some kind of remote control boat? Floating candles? Colorful foam soap.. For sculpting. Waterproof drawing implements. A waterproof tablet case. Maybe some kind of exercise equipment.. Like those stretchy rubber tubing resistance bands.

Silicone based lube. Because, you know, we're all adults here.
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