Consumer and Industry PC Diagnostic Software
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I'm looking to gather a current list (2012-2015) of consumer and Industry PC Diagnostic software. Example: PC Doctor This would be mainly for Windows systems but I wouldn't mind having resources available for MAC and Linux. Thanks!
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Best answer: I've found the stuff included in the Ultimate Boot CD to have most of what I need when it comes to diagnostics. Hiren's Boot CD is similar but has a more anti-virus bent to it (I haven't tried it). HWiNFO64 is what I use for basic hardware diagnostics from inside Windows. There's a developer-oriented list of utilities on Scott Hanselman's website that I like, and might be useful for you too.

If you're looking for a list more for research purposes rather than actual utility, I'd probably start exploring Wikipedia's utility software categories.
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Seconding UBCD. It's invaluable for HW investigation.
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. Very helpful!
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