What can I wear under a sheer blouse that won't make me miserably warm?
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Apparently every store I like to shop at now makes all of their button-down shirts and blouses semi-sheer (Loft is the biggest offender). The trouble is that I'm REALLY hot natured and try to wear as few non-removable layers as possible (cotton tanks as a layer are too hot). I'm hoping someone can link to tanks made of really, really thin material or some kind of miracle solution that doesn't require another layer of clothes. Any suggestions of how I can layer without feeling layered?
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Silk Shells are perfect for this, and are cooler and more breathable than cotton.
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Some links: Ann Taylor, Nordstrom, Banana Republic.
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Best answer: Uniqlo has a line called Airism for just this issue.
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Best answer: I second Uniqlo Airism tanks - they're great for layering and don't make me too warm (I also get hot really easily so try to dress as cool as possible).
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Thirding Airism - also perfect for wearing under winter tops. The sweater then keeps you warm, but the tank/shell keeps you from getting sweaty.
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Silk actually wears quite warm (much warmer than cotton), and I wouldn't wear a full-on shell under a sheer top.

Over the holidays I borrowed a camisole like this to wear under a sheer top to a hot crowded party, and it worked beautifully. I also like the very fine thin cotton camisoles which are too sheer to wear on their own, but between a bra and another sheer top look great.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the quick replies, everyone! Airism tanks sound perfect!!!
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