Following up This Binary Universe
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A few years ago I gave my sister BT's This Binary Universe. I guess it stuck with her, because now she's asked me for similar instrumental music, but it's far enough outside my usual listening that I'm completely stuck. Help?

Her taste typically leans pop-wise, so please stick near that: entertaining and melodic, not dissonant or aggressive. It doesn't need to be electronic, but I'd prefer to stay closer to something I know she likes. Instrumental is a must: I'd rather avoid even vocal samples with discernible words.

Thank you all!
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BT's latest effort, If The Stars Are Eternal So Are You And I, should fit the bill, though there's a little bit of dubstep in a couple of songs. I think one song has some vocals but it's hard to make out what he's saying. On the whole, the album is a bit more experimental than This Binary Universe (which I already consider very experimental!)

Solar Fields is an artist similar to BT. All of his albums are great, though the Mirror's Edge game soundtrack is a little more aggressive.

Tycho is a little more pop-ish. Not as familiar with him though.

I was going to say Jon Hopkins, but he may be a bit too dark for your sister.
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Seconding Tycho (check out his Soundcloud). I'd even say Tycho is like graduating out of BT into something... if not better, more refined? If that would work, there's also the Boards of Canada Ĺ“uvre. On both counts, you get a bit of vocal sampling (but frequently it's modified).
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Tipper's Surrounded and The Seamless Unspeakable Something are nicely melodic and have similar glitchy percussion and electronic soundscapes and textures.

I'd definitely recommend early Jon Hopkins too - Contact Note is a very affable and laid back album compared to his latest one.
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Thanks for the suggestions, all of you! I've got some listening ahead of me, but you've given me some promising options.
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