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I am a man with thinning hair. I have full hair coverage on my hair but my scalp is very shiny where my hair is a bit thinner and it makes me self conscious. I googled how to stop head shine but everything I am seeing relates to fully bald heads. Any tips on how to stop the shine when you still have hair? Thanks!!
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You could try using blotting papers to absorb the oil which makes your skin shine. Just press them against the skin to leave it looking matte. It's less messy than applying a product.
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What women who have oily skin use is either the blotting papers mentioned above, or a mattifier. You'd want to use a clear one like the one I linked to (although I don't know anything about that particular brand.) Many of the others are tinted, and that would probably be noticeable when it got on your hair.
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Bald guy here: shiny scalp skin, at least my shiny scalp skin, is at its least shiny when it's oily. It's more shiny when it's dry, like after taking a shower in the winter. It's not like a nose with shiny nose oil on it, the skin is totally different.
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I am self conscious about the very self same thing. For what its worth, a stylist used this horrendously overpriced hair product on my hair after we discussed the thinning thing, and it both made it look thicker and cut down the appearance of a shiny scalp. I'm not sure if it's on my scalp making it look less shiny, or simply making it harder to see my scalp.
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Since using baby powder or dry shampoo is recommended to use on oily hair, maybe you can use it on your scalp? It shouldn't mess with your hair because that's what people also use it for.
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Talk to your hairdresser; there is a whole industry devoted to dealing with hair and cosmetic issues of every description, male or female. I would find it hard to believe there isn't a product that does this.
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There's a spray that my salon sells called "Style Edit." It's puts a light color veneer over the existing hair and bare skin. It's obvious if you are LOOKING FOR IT, but otherwise, it's a boost of confidence.

You can also look into Toppik, but i found it made a big mess during application.
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There is powder that you shake on, choose a color that matches your hair color.

Sorry no clicky. Seriously, there are a million products like this out there. Go to a good beauty supply!
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I came in to recommend jbenben's solution - hair fibers you sprinkle on your head, they settle in between your hair follicles and on top of the shiny scalp. I've seen Caboki in action. Pretty convincing, but it's essentially makeup, and you need to be careful not to scratch it off if you forget it's there.
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Another popular hair and scalp power is the one from Joan Rivers. It typically gets high ratings by web reviewers. There are online video tutorials showing you how to use it.
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Dry shampoo, like the Bumble and Bumble one, works if you use a very light hand when spraying. Comes in colors, lasts a long time.
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I use LUSH Dry Shampoo ("No Drought") from time to time, when my hair gets a bit oily between washes. I have noticed that it not only makes the hair near my oily scalp less oily... but it also makes the remainder of my non-oily hair more "matte."

A lot of LUSH products have a strong scent but I find this one to be reasonable. It's kind of like citrus. You just sprinkle a bit into the hair/scalp... then wait maybe 1 minute... then shake it out or use a bristly brush if you've accidentally used a heavy hand.

A small container is only $7. And if you go into one of their stores, their staff tend to be very helpful and non-judgmental. They are proactive in offering free samples, too.
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Dry shampoo should do it. My personal fave is this one, which isn't stinky or sticky like some of the others - it's just a dry powder that sprays on and you then shake/brush out.
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