% Calls by cell/mobile compared to landline
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i am finding it very hard to get good statistics on the percentage of calls made by cell/mobile compared to percentage made on landlines. Anyone have a source? I can get plenty on percentage of homes with or without landlines but no stats on by percentage of calls (number or duration). Stats from all countries welcome. I thought these stat would be easy to find but i am stumped, apart from Vietnam where i found it is s 97% mobile.
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Just getting the ball rolling using some Googled statistics about Americans:

Binney says there are 3 billion total calls a day in the US.
There are about 225 million adult Americans.
91% of them, or about 205 million, have cell phones.
The average mobile user makes 200-400 calls per month. We'll say 300, or 10 per day.

That comes out to about 2 billion calls per day, which is 67% of 3 billion.
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Possible derail: have you seen the stats on mobile calls vs. texts? The number of texts dwarfs the number of calls so comparing the number of landline calls to mobile calls would significantly misrepresent actual mobile vs. landline usage.
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