Recommend a good real estate agent in Ballard, North Seattle
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Could you recommend a good real estate agent who really knows the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle? The Mr and I have rented in Ballard for 5 years and we want to stay here when we buy a home. We've run the numbers and we can afford it (now), but since there is so much subdivision and new construction, we want someone who's really got their finger on the pulse and can almost see the future.

For instance, we found out from an acquaintance that a place we had been looking at was across the street from a 60-unit apodment building that is about to open up, which would make the experience on that block pretty bad and cause property values to go down - and our agent didn't know about this.

A recommendation for a good home inspector would be useful, too.
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We used James for our as our agent when we bought three years ago. He was awesome. Really knowledgeable about the Magnolia-Ballard-Interbay-Queen Anne area. MeMail if you'd like more info.
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Best answer: Tonya Hennen Helped my mother in law, my brother and sister in law, and my family all buy houses in Phinney and Ballard over the last 3 years. She's awesome.
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Georgia Selfridge at Windermere Ballard. We worked with her twice, referred her to several friends who also loved her and referred her on to others. Can't speak highly enough of her.
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Seconding Georgia Selfridge. Loved her.
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