Short Informative or creative films on You Tube
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My first grader likes science documentaries (life sciences, geology, space) and creative short films. A few favorites are Secret life of Plankton, the most recent PES films (submarine sandwich and fresh guacamole) and "origami" by ESMA. I am looking for similar short films - not full length documentaries. I'm thinking about 5 minutes to 30 minutes.
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The Science Channel from The New York Times Video section might fit your bill.

National Geographic Kids has videos.

NASA has a YouTube channel. You can also find videos on their Kids' Club site.
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Best answer: The Kid Should See This is your one-stop shop for this kind of thing. They do a pretty good job of tagging, so if your child likes bees you can find 5 cool bee videos in 30 seconds.

My son likes How It's Made, which is not precisely science documentaries, but which seems to scratch similar itches. The individual segments are about 5 minutes each.
posted by tchemgrrl at 11:26 AM on January 8, 2015 [1 favorite] pretty neat to see how you let a rocket "go" with narration
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2nding The Kid Should See This.
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Oh, and I should have mentioned the Mars Curiosity and Spirit and Opportunity videos, which are my kid's favorite-favorite things of this type.
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Full episodes are longer than 5 minutes, but have you ever shown him Beakman's World?
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Best answer: Powers of Ten is one of my favorite short films accessible on YouTube. I'd look for some playlists that include it to find other neat stuff.
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Looks like there are several DK Eyewitness videos available:

Dinosaur, 1, 2
Bird, 1, 2

This channel offers more of these DK videos, so scroll through his list.

The Secret Life of Machines series might suit, too. Here's Radio.
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Some of the SciShow videos might be good. They have links to other good channels on the right sidebar as well.
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My kids really like The Brain Scoop, hosted by a curator? at The Field Museum in Chicago. They think she's awesome. The grosser the episode (taxidermying a roadkill squirrel) the more they like it. My younger kid is in first grade.
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My 1st grader loves MinuteEarth and MinutePhysics. Sometimes VSauce depending on the topic. Also Vi Hart. We sometimes also check out The Kid Should See This for new stuff too.

We also recently discovered the Brains On podcast.
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It can be very random, but the better postings to reddit's /r/ArtisanVideos can be a lot of fun. Look for those videos with 100+ likes and you usually won't go too far wrong. A good taste can be had by clicking the top link and browsing through the highest-liked ones.
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Jonathan Bird's Blue World is a favorite of my animal-obsessed son. Each episode is roughly 8 - 15 minutes. It's a fantastic series: informative, lively, beautifully filmed, and not scary (important for small people...).

The Cmdr. Chris Hadfield videos from his time on the ISS (previously) are likewise awesome.
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