Paczki in Boston?
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Where in the Boston area might I be able to find pazcki?

Near Somerville would be ideal, but I'm flexible. Either the authentically-Polish-dammit kind or the Polish-American bastardized Midwestern kind suits me fine.
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If this recent episode of Chronicle is to be believed, then DJ's Market in Dorchester would be a good place to go. Wrong end of the Boston area, though, if you want close to Somerville.
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Try Salem; there's a big Polish community there. There's a Polish grocery store in the mall, can't remember the name.
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Coffee Time Bakery in Salem has 'em, especially during Lent.
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It's not super near Somerville, but Baza Market in Newton Upper Falls has all sort of unusual eastern European items and is a cool place - I can't guarantee paczki but if you like eastern European foods you'd probably like it. From what I see poking around online, this place called Baltic European Deli (Andrew Square, South Boston) should have them.
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Last year I saw them at Star Market next to Fenway Park in Boston. Not sure of the quality, unfortunately.
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Here's the site for Coffee Time Bake Shop and here is their special Paczki page They do have them and they're really good, and they make a big deal out of them. I do believe they are only available during Lent, though.
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We live around the corner from Coffee Time and our waistlines can attest to their deliciousness.
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Do not go looking for paczki during Lent! Most places have them in the weeks *leading up to* Lent. Lent is for fasting and deprivation, not donuts.
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You are correct about the timing of Lent, but Coffee Time at least sells them from a couple weeks before Shrove Tuesday through Easter Sunday, so you can find them throughout Lent (and a few weeks before) if you come up here.
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