Vanilla Float Dr Pepper
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Is there anywhere left in the world to buy Vanilla Float (not Cherry Vanilla) Dr. Pepper? It was a limited version Dr. Pepper this year, and my wife has mourned the drinking of her last can this week. Amazon and ebay seem to be slim pickings. Is there anywhere I haven't considered? Is there a special rare soda distributor that would have it in stock?
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Best answer: If you can't find it, trying adding a shot of vanilla flavored syrup. I prefer Monin, you can find it a Smart and Final or probably anywhere that sells flavored syrups for coffees.
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Best answer: Until you find it, there's this Dr Pepper Vanilla Float freeze drink at Taco Bell (hush!) and it's soooooo good. It's a slushy, though. Around where I live, it's just a $1 if you go mid-afternoon.
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Best answer: Galcos might.
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Best answer: There's a bottle for sale on Soda Emporium. I'd also call Dr. Pepper and ask them about your options. Maybe they can hook you up somehow.
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Best answer: Here's a link to the Contact page at Dr. Pepper in Plano, TX.

Here's their phone number: (800) 696-5891

Give them a ring and see if they can help.
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Best answer: Another link from Soda Emporium:
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Response by poster: You guys rock. I just placed an order at the Soda Emporium (shipping is a killer), and I'm going to utilize all of these other resources as we move closer to the Zombie Apocalypse and sources become even more scarce. So now I get to surprise my wife with gift wrapped Dr. Pepper as a late Christmas present when it gets here. Thanks!
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