What is this Japanese rave dance battle exactly?
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I have liked this since 2005, and I think it's amazing, but I want to know all the details behind the main character, and the battles, when and where exactly was this? (seems like they're using osaka dialect) what exactly is going on? Link.
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Judging by the fashions, the video looks like it's from the mid-90's, and since they are indeed speaking Osaka dialect I would guess it's at some sort of meetup in Amemura, which is kinda sorta like Harajuku in Tokyo (where otakus of various kinds go to hang out and pose).

But the way the video is cut, and also the age of the video (likely 20 years old, likely pre-World Wide Web) makes it very difficult to figure out what the hell is going on.
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You can hear the studio audience clapping in the background. To me it looks like a clip from early 90s Dance Koshien (google ダンス甲子園 for lots more). A very short clip just very heavily edited and music added. This is not a rave battle of any kind, probably just a one time thing for TV. The music is by Bubble-B. These kids are from Ima-Kita イマキタ which has a reputation for being the worst school in Osaka, はい、どうぞ
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