Philly Production Supplies?
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PhillyFilter: Does anyone know where I can get a professional video tripod and camera case in the Philly area? I need to buy both and am sick of going to NYC for everything production related.
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Why not mail order from B&H Photo? That will save you any road trip - let Fed Ex bring it to you. Their prices are going to be hard to beat by anyone and it is quick to get it once you place the order. At least assuming it isn't a jewish holiday....
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Calumet has a PHL store, Delaware Ave. and Reed St. Although they cater mostly to still photographers, they have tripods and cases for video gear (and can order almost anything you could get at B&H). You could also check with Videosmith, Delaware Ave. and Spring Garden St.
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Have you checked out Ritz camera? There's a store in Liberty Place at 17th and Market and a store at 13th and Walnut.

Chestnut Hill Camera might be an option too, though from the website, it looks like they're more still camera oriented.

New York Camera and Media is in the suburbs, but they have professional video stuff.

There's Zoomania on Walnut Street.

RadioShack has a really limited stock of items too, from what I understand.
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Definitely Calumet. Ask for Carmela.
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or jim
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