Please help me ID a beautiful 3D video game of forrested paths.
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About 4-5 years ago, I remember sitting in a friends' room watching her play an absolutely mesmerizing video game. I think she was a human/wolf... or a creature of some kind. I remember that the setting was exquisitely beautiful. Fractal textures, and the wooded path she ran along was hazed in mist. And I think there were two world 'settings' - a normal, bright one, and a dark version of the world, where black flecks flickered in the darker mist. I don't remember any of the plot or mechanics though, just how beautiful the world was. Like something from a Hayao Miyazaki movie. It was a personal game, not anything online... and so beautiful!
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Best answer: Zelda: Twilight Princess?
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Best answer: Seconding Twilight Princess. The black flecks are a recurring visual motif.
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Thirding Twilight Princess. Great game!

Here's some video links for the gameplay that you can watch to see if that's what you remember. Link can transform into a wolf.
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The wolf thing makes me second Okami.
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Fourthing Twilight Princess. It's for the Wii, and it is spectacular. Easily my favourite Zelda game, with Windwaker (yeah I'm a heretic) coming a very close second. That exact imagery you're talking about really resonated for some reason. Screenshot with the flecks.
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It probably is Twilight Princess, but IMO Okami is a more thoroughly beautiful game and you should play that instead :)
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Child of Light?
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Sounds like The Endless Forest, only the player is a deer, not a wolf...?
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Sounds like Okami to me! Mmm, Okami.
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I too wondered if it might be The Endless Forest.

Also: this is almost certainly not the game being asked about, but I was reminded of the PS3 game Flower. If you're into games that are simply gorgeous, this one is definitely worth checking out. As I recall, it too had a "light" mode and a "dark" mode.
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Best answer: I'm really thinking Okami over Twilight princess. Okami is a prettier game (ducks).
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Okami is pretty likely, but could it be The Path? Unfortunately, doesn't match much of the rest of the description.
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