How can I see GA flow data through a specific page?
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Is there a way to see Google Analytics Visitor or User flow data into a specific page? I can only seem to find ways to change the entry page or segment by country, etc.

We are logging a virtual page view at the end of our e-commerce transitions. Long story short but mostly due to tech issues that is what we need to do.

I want to see all the paths leading to that virtual page view. I thought I could use visitor flow but can't seem to segment only by people who have visited that page or passed through it.

I also can't highlight the needed "node" as the virtual page view is amongst the pages under (other) due to having far fewer page views than the others. For example about 3K monthly page views for the virtual page view vs 20K for the smallest dedicated page node.

Is there a way to do this in flow? Should I be using another portion of GA. It is challenging as there are many many potential paths into this page of varying length. A regular funnel doesn't work because this page view is triggered for many different types of transactions. For example someone comes in and buys a bike after clicking on "buy a bike" on the main page, it is also triggered if they were to click on "events" then "bike riding events" then they buy a ticket to an event. Totally different path and steps but same virtual page view.
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What's your ideal end data view? Do you just want to see what pages people were on before that page?
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