Unconventional NYC / Brooklyn accommodation
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I am planning my next New York trip and am looking for an unusual place to stay - think something between a youth hostel and standard AirBnB share. Greatness criteria inside!

My past two NYC trips I stayed at a Yoga studio in Greenpoint that rented out a few rooms on the side. It was amazing! There was a kitchen, shared bathrooms, a few travellers plus yoga clients... you could socialise if you wanted, but didn't feel like you were intruding on someone's private space (or forced to make conversation). Sadly they closed that location.

I'd love to find something with a similar vibe, but definitely want to avoid sketchy (and illegal) AirBnB rentals. I'm also not keen on traditional youth hostels, unless they are small and quiet - no partying gap year kids please! Budget around $100/night (but am staying two full weeks so weekly deals are good!).

Would prefer Brooklyn (ideally either around Prospect Park or North Williamsburg, but open to anything within 20min bike ride to any bridge to Manhattan), but will consider Manhattan or Queens (same 20min bridge rule *lol*).

Thank you all!
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The Jane.
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Oh, totally the Jane. It's the only place I (can afford to) stay anymore! It's delightfully quirky and a good excuse to blow an afternoon drinking Kir Royals downstairs.

You might also consider The Pod.
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If you can save up some money for one night, a American Museum of Natural History sleepover would be rad.
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Thirding The Jane! Delightful place to stay if you enjoy feeling like you are on a boat.
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Meetup at The Jane! :)
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You could stay in this charming indoor treehouse in Brooklyn, built by two artists.
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Wow, the Jane definitely looks great (tho maybe a bit too hotel-like for what I have in mind).

I stayed at the Pod 51 in 2006 actually (when it was still called the Pickwick Arms) . Unless they've radically reduced their rates it's a bit outside of my budget, heh.

The treehouse is awesome! But their AirBnB listing is gone :(

The Museum sleepovers also look fun! 19th June (when I'm actually there!) is already booked up! Geez...

Thanks all!!!!
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The Jane used to be a Y, and they have not forced the former residents to leave (you can tell what type of occupant is in each room by looking at the type of lock on the door). Yet. (Sigh.) Unless you get a fancy room, you'll be sharing the bathroom with the entire floor (and probably run into a sweet old guy or two who's lived there for 40 years, who will call you dear).
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The Carlton Arms?
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I've mentioned this before: my mom and her friend had a FANTASTIC time aboard, I kid you not, this Arctic expedition ship docked in Red Hook. (Her friend's review is listed under "Katharine.") The owner's name is Milo and he's pretty great. It's $250 a night, but maybe you can work something out for a longer stay.

I can only imagine that if it is an Arctic expedition vessel, it will keep you warm.

Plus then you can tell your friends you are staying aboard an Arctic expedition yacht, which is pretty much the best part.
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