Looking for weather talks, podcasts and such.
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What are your favorite weather-related blogs, tumblrs, podcasts, videos, talks, books etc. ?

I've decided to play around with some tablet sketching programs and in an effort to be focused have chosen to illustrate things under the broad topic of weather. In the past I've enjoyed listening to talks at conferences and picking out a phrase and illustrating it, so videos of talks and episodes of podcasts relating in some way to weather are most welcome. It doesn't really matter if it is related via science, history, art, etc. I'll also look at current events/news stories but don't want to exclusively rely on those.

To hold myself accountable I'll probably create simple blog posts with source material + sketch so the more interesting and varied the the better!
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Best answer: Everyone in the Pacific Northwest loves Uncle Cliff (Cliff Mass Weather Blog).
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Best answer: I really enjoy the blog posts by the Capital Weather Gang - and DC weather is weird enough to keep an interesting stream of topics.
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Best answer: I like Minnesota Public Radio's Updraft Blog. One recent post of interest was this one on Lake Superior Steam Devils.
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Best answer: Meteorologist Eric Holthaus' twitter is just wonderful (he also writes for Slate).
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Response by poster: Thanks to everyone - these were all helpful!
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Response by poster: I've started posting some of the sketches on Tumblr - see Projects for the link if you like!
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Response by poster: Working out pretty well!
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