Where can I purchase a pattern to make this dragon stained glass box?
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I have seen a bunch of different people who have made this stained glass box of a dragon whose wings are the cover. So it's most likely a pattern that is available for sale somewhere. But I cannot figure out where I can buy it.

I have emailed a bunch of the people who have made the box and no one has gotten back to me, so please do not recommend I do that. I am willing to pay for the pattern alone or for the book (or whatever) it comes in, electronic version or paper. I do not intend to use the pattern for commercial use.
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I couldn't find it, either, but do you have experience making stained glass boxes? Honestly, I'd just eyeball it and draw it myself, or have someone draw a pattern out for me. Having made flat-panel stained glass boxes at one point in my life, the patterns are not the tricky part. (As a knitter, I know how annoying it can be for someone to tell you to just eyeball it, but I feel confident that this is a very doable thing.)
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I came in to say what Madamina said - if all else fails, this is a pattern that you could recreate yourself. I would print a photo of the box closed taken from above, size it to my preference using a photocopier, then use a lightbox to trace it and create your own pattern. It may need to be tweaked a little but it shouldn't be too difficult. The box itself is simple and if you need to, you can definitely find how-tos online for making boxes. Very cool box, by the way!
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By the way, I'm not suggesting you do anything illegal here - I do not recommend that you sell any box you make this way.
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I have made boxes, but this one opens oddly and honestly the 3d aspect of the head and the way the wings attach is more complicated than I want to try to make myself.
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To my eyes there's not much complexity to it. The lid is essentially just a square divided diagonally. Two sides are straight for the hinges, while the other two have a bit of added wiggliness that doesn't interfere with the opening/closing of the lid.

I think the head is basically a flat shape that sits in the same plane as the closed flaps (so simple enough to draw), with three further layers of glass stuck on top of the first, to give the head some depth. Again, I don't think this would interfere with the motion of the lid at all.

And of course, the whole box is symmetrical, so you only have to design one half and mirror it.
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My question was not "do you think I can design this box myself", it was "where can I purchase the pattern for it".
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Maybe you could email this person on this stained glass forum and ask where they got the form or pattern from?

(Wait, I'm sorry, I see you've emailed people already. Gah, this is hard!)
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I got a response via etsy. The book is called Dreamworld: Mystical Images in Glass (you can see the dragon on the front cover), and I think I successfully ordered it -- I haven't received confirmation from the store yet that the book was in stock, but I didn't hear about a problem either.
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Sadly the book appears to be unavailable anywhere on the internet. (The stores which claim to have it in stock do not in fact have it in stock.)
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I would offer the person on Etsy who responded to you a few bucks to scan the pattern and email it to you (or photocopy and mail it). Tell them you've been unsuccessful in purchasing the book.
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