Cost of shipping RAM and a SSD to Cyprus.
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A friend of mine lives on the island of Cyprus and needs a few computer upgrades. I already have the SSD and would buy the RAM from Crucial and ship both. It is incredibly expensive to buy the same stuff there.

Any estimates on shipping from Portland Oregon to the Turkish side of Cyprus?

My bigger question is customs. Apparently they have to pay for things going into the country. Any estimates on the costs of that? And would customs be less if I took the items out of the package so they appeared used?
posted by johnpowell to Grab Bag (3 answers total) will let you do a price calculation on the site. The link didn't look like it would work but you can find it pretty easily. A flat-rate box to Cyprus costs about $85. That is almost certainly your cheapest option. You'd probably have to take them out of their packaging regardless to fit in the box (I think it's for the small flat rate box and it's indeed a pretty small box, but it should hold an SSD and some RAM with some bubble wrap - you can pick one up from the post office for free).

They will charge VAT and import tax based on the value you put on the package when you send it. The formula is complicated and varies based on what the item is and the value. You can do some googling but I'm not sure you'll be able to find a definitive answer, though worst case it seems it could be as high as about 25% total. It looks like computers might be duty free but I'm not sure if computer components are. So, you know, just consider the value of the items you're sending when you box then up...
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a) Every shipping company will give you a firm price given the weight and dimensions of the items in question. USPS will obviously be cheaper than couriers.

b) Yes, again, most countries charge tax and import duty on imports. Googling gives a good idea of how much it costs. Attempting to evade these charges is also obviously illegal but would probably usually work.
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A good first guess for the amount of taxes and duties on a product is the price differential between what it costs outside the country and what it costs inside the country.
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