Photoshop plugin development?
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Authoring photoshop plugins, need help for development resources.

I've been tasked with developing and integrating a photoshop plugin into an existing MFC application. Does anybody know where I should start looking for resources explaing how to do this?
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You'll want to download the Photoshop SDK (Software Development Kit). This used to be an easy process. Now it seems you need be be granted permission first.

Note: another option that might work (depending on what you're trying to do) is to write javascript code. Photoshop can now run scripts (in addition to accepting plugins).
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I don't know for sure, because I don't want to pay for the possibility of getting access to the Photoshop SDK, but I'm guessing Photoshop plugins are some variation of a DLL.

Using MFC classes/objects from a photoshop plugin shouldn't be very hard at all. Using plugin code (but not photoshop code) from an MFC app shouldn't be very hard at all. Your question is a bit too vague to actually help.

Really, it all depends on what your MFC app does; if its a windowed app, you're going to have more issues. It may be you need to use IPC to communicate between the plguin & the app.
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