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How can I get short comedy clips delivered to my inbox every day?

I love watching stand up comedy clips on youtube, as well as highlights from comedy panel shows (in the UK, such as Mock the Week), and things like Seinfeld supercuts. Shows similar to Carpool and Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee are also good. For reference, I'm not thinking about videos of what a cat did with someone's birthday cake, because I don't find that kind of stuff funny.

I'd like to find a way to get < 5 minute videos (like this) delivered to my inbox every day. By delivered, I mean, I get a link, much like you can get a email every time a channel uploads a new video.The idea is to make sure I get some laughs into every day. I did some hunting on youtube and the daily comedy channels (at least the ones that looked promising) hadn't been updated in months.

Do you know of any (regularly maintained) channels I should subscribe to, or alternatively, is there a way I could hack a solution together (with IFTTT for example) using an existing channel(s) that would send me one video per day?
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You could try subscribing to the RSS feed of a comedy website like this http://podbay.fm/show/160875147
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People were dissatisfied with the gif tumblr, but I find it's a pretty good way to get my laugh of the day.
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