I cant use my joypad on my home pc?
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i have a dell pc at home. How come i cant use the the little joypad ive bought on games ive bought like Splinter cell and rainbow six? I know it works cos i checked it out on hardware settings.
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Elaborate. Could you tell us what KIND of gamepad it is (USB, etc) and the brand? Honestly, we are grasping at straws with information like that.
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Try disabling any mice other than the joypad.

(MS-Windows: Control Panel|Mouse|Hardware gives a list of mice; click "properties' for each mouse you want to disable, then under "Device Usage" select "disable".)
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ITS a USB connection!
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You're going to have to do a lot better than that for us to have the capability to help you. This might help. So might giving us information about the actual joypad model, as Dean Keaton suggested. Describe what you have actually done. Is Rainbow Six supposed to work with your joypad?
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I bought a generic PS/2 type game controller, specifically to play Fahrenheit. Since then, I've only found one other game that uses it. It seems that very many PC games, (I've tried PoPersia, HL2, DOOM3 & others) simply don't support the joypad. Very disappointing.
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Prince of Persia does support joysticks, I use a ps2 controller with usb converter.

Umm... Dumb question here, but have you tried going into the input options of said games and changing the keys to the joystick?

I also know that spintercell works with usb joystick because I have used the ps2 controller for that as well.
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