Best Summer Solstice Tour Company?
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We're looking for a tour company to take us from London to Stonehenge for sunrise on Summer Solstice. Recommendations for a reputable tour company?
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Have you spoken to English Heritage (the folks that run it)? I seem to think that access is restricted / ticket only on the solstices and mostly limited to Wiccan organisations due to the religious aspects, though I don't know where I got that impression!
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Apparently the plan is managed open access according to this So you might be in luck, though the logistics would seem that getting an organised tour from London on the same morning might be the hard part. You might be better staying over in Salisbury the night before and making your own arrangements, or tag along with some other folks that know the ropes.
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Response by poster: Based on Yelp reviews, we'll likely go with Premium Tours. They seem to check out.
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