Collections of Mexican folk music like "La pistola y El corazón"
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Can anyone recommend collections of música foclórica in the style of La pistola y el corazón by los lobos?. Here is the full album. Most of the ones I find are purely Mariachi.
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It may be obvious, but have you listened to Los Super Seven, a side project of Los Lobos and a bunch of other musicians?
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Check out Chuchumbé's ¡Caramba Niño! and Sones Jarochos by Grupo Mono Blanco (spotify and youtube links) .
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I just listened a bit more to the Los Lobos record, and it sounds like a sampling of son jarocho, son huasteco, música ranchera, conjunto, and música norteña. The recordings I linked to above are son jarocho.

Here is a record compiling the soundtracks to two Tex-Mex documentary films called Chulas Fronteras and Del Mero Corazón (spotify).

Here is another conjunto compilation called Tejano Roots, and it has tracks by Conjunto Bernal and Narciso Martinez, among many others.

For norteño corridos, anything with the iconic Los Tigres del Norte tune Contrabando y Traición could be worth checking out (spotify link).
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Linda Ronstadt: Canciones de Mi Padre. ??
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This may be a bit left-of-center, but I think you'll love the soundtrack to the movie "The Book of Life." For instance.
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