Hyperpigmentation came back - help me get rid of it once and for all
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I got a pimple about 1.5 years back, which I wasn't used to getting, and since it was smack dab in the middle of my face, I kept picking and prodding at it until a combination of chemicals and heat turned it into a burn. That burn left a small brown scar on my face I tried fading creams, exfoliating and 25% mandelic acid and it didn't work. Finally I tried 18% TCA peel. I did the peel twice and the brown scar was 100% gone. I should note that while healing I would spray it with 3% food grade hydrogen peroxide, then coat it with this anti bacterial cream and then cover with this other prescription cream i had used when removing DPN from a past procedure which left my face without any scars.

I was so happy! I applied sunscreen daily to make sure the sensitive skin didn't revert but it's been about 5 months now and the hyperpigmention came back - as though it had never gone away. I did another TCA peel and nothing. What should I do now and how do I get it to stay gone?

I am in my 20's, light brown skin, no other problems with breaking out since cutting out wheat/dairy
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Go to a dermatogist. Preferably one that specializes in colored skin. And dont do anything else to your face before the derm. It sounds like a LOT
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Leave it alone!! Too many chemicals. It's only been 18 months. Scars can take a few years to fade. Keep wearing that sunscreen religiously and get a good concealer to cover it up in the meantime.
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STOP POKING AT YOUR FACE, stop tormenting your skin with chemicals, just stop, my face hurts just reading about what you're putting yours through. But yes, definitely keep on keeping on with the sunblock. And alas it is my experience that DPN will come back with age.

Definitely see a dermatologist that has experience with non-white skin tones/issues, as suggested above.
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My cousins (all light brown skinned) swear by those silicone pad things to prevent and reduce scarring. Harmless and non invasive. Worth a try, otherwise I'd also recommend the appropriately experienced dermatologist.

And never use hydrogen peroxide on damaged skin. It's so caustic, it retards healing.
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These glycolic acid face pads from Nip+Fab have had all-around positive reviews for hyperpigmentation. Probably milder than 18%, but they seem to work. Goes without saying, but always use with sunscreen.
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