Can iBook serve up 2 iTunes Libraries on Home Network?
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I'm thinking about using iTunes on an old iBook G4 with an Apple TV 2 as a simple media server on a home network. I've been using the Apple TV for years but Home Sharing sometimes drops and I want to try the iBook as a kind of bridge.

I know how to set it up, I'm just having second thoughts about the version of iTunes I'm limited to: Mac OS Tiger (10.4.11. I suspect Home Sharing and even multiple iTunes Libraries are not supported but since we'll be accessing the libraries with iOS there's always the Remote app if it can recognize an iTunes that old. Might Plex be an option?

Does anyone know of any other software supported by Tiger to to try? I've been leaving my MacBook Pro open all the time and this can be inconvenient. If I do have to serve the music up from another box do you see any use for adding the iBook to the party?
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Just turn on sharing in the iTunes prefs on the iBook? As long as the app is open on the iBook, It should show up in the iTunes sidebar of all your other machines.
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Response by poster: Brilliant Devils! Then it should also be available to one or more apps (like Infuse) on iOS Devices when we're not at our Macs!
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