What was the name of this album?
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I'm looking for the name of the artist that made a album I saw a numerous times while I was record shopping in SF but can't seem to find in Seattle.

Black album cover, small b+w picture of a woman in the center of the cover, presumably the artist herself.
It was a female guitar player and singer that only recorded the one album but died tragically before it was released (or something along those lines.) She recorded the album in the late 90s or early 2000s, which surprised me, as the vibe of the design and presentation looked like it was a release of a 'lost' 60s or 70s folk singer. It was a new release, in 2012 or 2013. I saw it while browsing my normal sections... so I think her name may start with an F or an H, but of course I may be mistaken.

Any ideas?
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Eva Cassidy
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That's a really good guess, but not it.
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Dammit, now I'm curious.
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wow, that's a really tricky one... this list might help? it's a fairly completist listing of deceased artists.
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Older than you're thinking and the cover doesn't exactly match but San Francisco native Kate Wolf?
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To be clear, I'm looking for a specific LP that was defrinitely released in the 2010s. The artist may be older, but the particular release is recent and had no commercial releases previous to this posthumous release.

(Although Kate Wolf looks really cool!)
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Are you sure it was recorded in the 90s/2000s? The description you gave reminds me of Judee Sill's Heart Food, which was recorded in the early to mid 70s.
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Ah I found it!

Sarah Siskind- Covered

I'm listening to it now. It's pretty good!
I had the cover wrong, its a large b+w picture, and she isn't dead , its just an early album that wasn't released until recently.

I love the answers on this askme though, and I am going to listen to them too, so its a win win situation.

In case anyone is wondering, I found it by remembering what I was looking for when I was saw it while browsing, then went through all the Fs, Hs, and Ss.
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