Short animated film about monkeys and happy dancing bananas??
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I'm beginning to think I imagined this one, but I'm pretty sure it's real. A bunch of years back, maybe ten years, I saw a short animated film, maybe three or four minutes long, about dancing monkeys and dancing bananas. It was pretty awesome. I can't seem to find the damn thing again, though. Help?

Ok, this is what I remember: I definitely saw this on the internet, not at a film festival or somewhere like that. As the film began, there were monkeys sitting there, and then a bunch of happy dancing bananas showed up. The monkeys (I wouldn't swear they weren't apes, but they were some simian mammal) and the bananas started dancing together. The monkeys were happy. The bananas were happy. Everything was great. Then, suddenly, a monkey couldn't take it anymore and ate one of the bananas! Tragic. The bananas looked shocked. The monkeys looked ashamed. But then the bananas just kind of shrugged and went back to dancing, and everyone was happy again. And fade to black.

This was all set to music I didn't recognize, but I think it was maybe a mambo. The soundtrack had words, possibly about the bananas.

I remember too much detail to think I'm making this up -- I don't have nearly that much imagination -- but I can't find it at all. As I mentioned, it's animated (traditional animation, not Pixar sort of stuff). Everyone I normally talk to about film and so on looks at me like I'm insane. (They may be right.) Does anyone happen to know what this is?
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Could it possibly have been a Chiquita Banana commercial of some kind?
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Response by poster: No, although I quite like that one!
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I do not have an answer, but you are an audience tailor made for this archival Second City sketch with Dratch and Fey (and Adsit). The audience gives them a keyword to work a sketch around, and that word is "banana". To say more would be criminal.
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