iPad2 spotty connection to wireless
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My iPad2 recently has stopped reliably connecting to the internet. I want to continue my bad habit of watching Teen Wolf in bed in the new year. Is there a way to solve this issue?

I know that iPad2s have history of trouble connecting to wifi - mine did not have this trouble until recently. Sometimes the iPad will not recognize the wifi at all, while my phone and tv and computer all work on it. When the iPad does connect to wifi it wavers between full connection to no connection (all bars to 1 bar) with no rhyme or reason.

I've dropped the iPad (with a protective case on it) a few times, could the wifi antenna have come loose?

I've looked at other people's questions on other forums and tried suggestions from those.

Things I have tried: standing with iPad next to router, updating iPad software, resetting wifi connection, resetting router.

What else can I try?
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Did you recently update the iPad to iOS 8? There are some widely reported bugs with ios8 and wifi. First - see if you can update to ios8.1.2 or try jailbreaking and installing the "wifried" tweak.
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Sorry, the obvious: have you tried turning it off and then back on again. I just fixed a friends ipad with this old chestnut.
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Response by poster: iPad updated to whatever the newest new version of 8 is - it had this problem before I updated it.

And I've turned iPad on and off and let the battery drain all the way down.
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Not sure if you've looked at the other end of this: Do you have other wifi-using devices, and if so, how are they doing? It's possible the wifi router has lost its mind. Does the iPad do OK on public or other people's private wifi?
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Yeah, take it someplace else and see how it acts.

Wireless on these things should be binary. It either works or not. It's highly unlikely you damaged the wireless if it works sometimes.

I would consider doing a factory restore (after backing up). Put no apps on it. Set it up like a new device. See how it behaves.
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