Best SIM card options in Madrid
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What should my wife and I do in order to use our phones in Spain?

We'll be in Madrid and maybe elsewhere in Spain in a few months, just staying for a week. Voice calls won't be that important, but I think a data plan will be so we can use our iPhones to navigate around and such.

We're both on Verizon here in the states, if it matters.
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Are your verizon phones unlocked?
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I used this free app + Wifi in Spain and it did the job fine. The offline maps are fantastic - if your main need is navigation you won't need a data plan at all.
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No, the phones aren't unlocked.
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No, the phones aren't unlocked.

Then you can't use a foreign SIM card and you're stuck with whatever roaming data plans Verizon offers.
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Ha, I take that back. Verizon 4g iPhones have unlocked SIM cards, I have discovered. What are our best bets for SIM cards in Spain? Any providers to avoid?
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I got a SIM card with Orange for my unlocked iPhone. It was pretty easy and fast, you only need an ID such as your passport.
They have a "ballena" (whale) prepaid plan which includes 1 Gb of data for 9€, plus about 3€ for the SIM card.
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