Can I stream or listen to a New Year's Eve broadcast/show tonight?
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After I put the kids to bed tonight, I'd kind of like to sit at my desk, pay some bills, pop open a beer, and keep an eye on the New Year's celebration. Problem is, I don't have cable or broadcast TV.

I do have a good internet connection and a radio, but my few attempts to find anything have failed. For example, the major TV networks have streaming but only for cable TV subscribers, and my NPR radio station is switching over to the BBC World Service at 10pm tonight.

So, is there some kind of New Year's type of broadcast that I can catch, either on radio or the internet? I also have Netflix and Amazon Prime video, but I don't think that'll help. And it doesn't need to be the Times Square celebration; I'd be equally happy to listen in on a cheesy local broadcast (with the embarrassed hosts and drunken townies). I'm not holding out much hope; I tried the same for the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade and failed miserably.

On preview, I found that the Times Square celebration actually hosts its own live stream. But let me know if your local media station has one, or if you have a suggestion on how to get live access to Ryan Seacrest.
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Best answer: It might be a bit geeky, but This Week In Tech is doing a 24-hour live-stream NYE extravaganza.
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The Seacrest new year's show is on ABC, which offers live streaming in some areas. You can check your location on this page. seacrest out
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I'm not sure it's what you're looking for, but others might be interested in the 2014 Classical Countdown on WQXR (which you can stream), where they're counting down the top-100 requested classical music pieces. They're currently at number 19 and scheduled to hit #1 at midnight.
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I think it was Marketplace Tech Report on NPR this morning that had an interview segment with someone from UStream about their NYE 2015 coverage. It looks like it's going to be an alternative view of the Times Square festivities with all of the online interactive features that you could want.
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In the past, at least before Gannett bought them from Belo Corp, both Dallas' WFAA-TV and Seattle's KING-TV streamed their New Year's Eve broadcasts online beginning between 7PM and 9PM local time (CST for Dallas, PST for Seattle). I don't know if they plan on doing it again this year but I sincerely hope so because I like watching them. WFAA started the online stream last year in time for the New Year's Rockin' Eve and continued through to half past midnight with a Dallas celebration.
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Disney is streaming the fireworks from the Magic Kingdom in Florida tonight.
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If you have a regular TV you can get an HD antenna and get it straight off the air. They're as cheap as $20 and the bonus is, once you have it, you can get all sorts of broadcast TV whenever you want it.
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ONTD sometimes has links to livestreams of big events like this; I'll post a link to their post if/when it goes up.
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Euronews has a free, live stream of their broadcast, in English. At the hour, they show New Year's celebrations from various places around the world.
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Best answer: Free Times Square webcast
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Response by poster: Thanks, everyone. It seems like the Times Square webcast is the way to go; what it lacks in cheese, it makes up for by being commercial-free. Happy New Year to all of you; I'm dedicating my second beer to all the helpful folks on AskMe.
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