Help me identify this t-shirt
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I found a shirt when going through old things, but Google has failed me in my attempts to identify it. I think it might be Chinese or Japanese in origin?

I found this shirt the other day when doing an annual Christmas sort. I'm at a loss to find any record of where it came from. I'd like to get another one, but I realize it might be limited/out of print, so just finding some record of its existence is all I'm after now.

If you find any leads in Chinese/Japanese, I know fluent speakers of both, so send them my way.

I have tried:

-looking at the uniqlo site URL printed on the shirt in the wayback machine, no results

-googling the name of the designer, the only thing in English I found related to the designer was this site about a Japanese (I think?) art exhibition, nothing t-shirt related though

-googling shellmoonsite. I found, which I think might be the designer's website, but there doesn't seem to be anything there. Looking at in the wayback machine yields a website from years back, but it wasn't working on my computer.

-googling the text on the shirt, no results
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Best answer: This?
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Best answer: Here is some proof of its existence.
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From this site about the Hong Kong font scene:

Man Chung Lee's site. Born in Hong Kong in 1976, he studied multimedia in Vancouver in 1999. Presently, he is the Creative Art Director of CREAM, Hong Kong's culture and art magazine. He created some free fonts such as the experimental AreaLINEe (2001) and AreaOUTLINEe (2001)
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Response by poster: Found in 13 minutes! Askme continues to astound. Thanks!

This may be asking much, but any idea where to find another one?
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