What are some strange (yet obtainable) aphrodisiacs?
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I need to consume as many weird aphrodisiacs as possible by the end of January. Since I don't live in Shanghai I probably can't get my hands on Three Penis Wine, but I'm hoping there are some similarly strange ones out there.

I live in NYC, so I should be able to get my hands on anything unless it's too illegal. The more horrible it sounds the better! If I'm stuck with a pomegranate-chocolate-oyster-honey-coffee-strawberry cake I'm going to be pretty unhappy.

And no, I'm unfortunately not going on a lot of dates - it's for an event!
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It might be of interest to hear that "strict Jains do not eat onions and garlic because they increase sexual desires," per here; there is a good excerpt here from the Bhagavad Gita about it. (I just read about this this morning and was really excited; I love onions and garlic.)
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Can hardly call this an authoritative source, but here are some "Ukrainian Aphrodisiacs". Includes sour cream + beer, which "was the most popular of mixtures that the Kozaks used and they were able to salute for a minimum of 4 hours."
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(Hi, I recognize your work! Didn't know you were on here...)

Ambergris is a purported aphrodisiac, and as Sarah (your cohort) once made ambergris ice cream it should be easy to obtain (and that may be a good delivery system).

Some herbs include damiana, which may be obtainable in Latin American stores, tribulus terrestris, which is sometimes used by bodybuilders so it should be obtainable, velvet bean, which is used in Ayurvedic medicine, maca, which is used in a commercially-available-in-this-country brand of beer, and horny goat weed, which I've seen in capsules in bodegas. A few harder-to-find things may be available in stores in Chinatown which do traditional Chinese medicine - like deer penis or tiger penis (although, maybe just don't do that one for the "it's an endangered species" sake).

Also - both you and Sarah should read Isabelle Allende's Aphrodite, which discusses aphrodisiacs at length - she focuses on more conventional foodstuffs (the approach she takes is that all food is aphrodisiac if you just relax and give yourself over to the sensuality of it), but she mentions the lore behind a few items which are especially noted as being biggie aphrodisiacs, and you may want to give more conventional fare a try as well, just as a sort of control group.

And I'm marking this on my calendar.
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1. find someone with a medical pot card

2. have them buy you a High CBD chocolate bar

3. break off a piece the size of a dime and eat it, wait 20 minutes

4. prepare to have your mind blown

it's kind of like a real low grade candy flip of ecstasy and mushrooms without any after effects except muscle soreness from the crazy monkey sex you will have.
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Sulbutiamine is lesser-known, OTC drug, a thiamine derivative. It treats asthenia and ED. The paper's not a randomized controlled trial and also is in Russian, though. Brand names Enerion and Arcalion. Generic for nearly a century.

Clinical efficacy of the drug enerion (sulbutiamine) in the treatment of patients with psychogenic (functional) erectile dysfunction
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Since this is for something fun, rather than seeking an actual medical result, can I suggest green M&Ms?
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It's a long, and stupid story, but a friend and roommate got 5-meo-DIPT("foxy") from an acquaintance at one point as like a random gift.

At the end of a particularly hilarious halloween, at like 5am, him and his girlfriend took it. At least i think it was 5, might have been even later, sun was coming up.

I was in a neo-like, seeing the wireframe structure of the matrix level of inebriated in which i could have been hit by a bus and it wouldn't have even hurt. Because you know, that's the hunter s thompson shit i use holidays as an excuse to do.

The sex they were having woke me up despite that, and probably half of the apartment building as well. And mind you we had concrete walls thick enough that we would have parties with a full sized PA and you couldn't even hear them nextdoor. I'm actually amazed no one was injured, and i bet their gonads hurt for days.

I never tried it, and never even figured out where to get it again if i wanted it. But it kinda seemed like the thing as far as stuff like this that actually Does Something.

I feel like vice or wired or some magazine like that did a fucking hilarious writeup about it back when they were still cool, but google is failing me.
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Yohimbe (available at supplement stores as Yohimbine HCL or at hippie shops as yohimbe bark powder) is supposedly an aphrodisiac. I laced some chocolates with it a few years ago and gave them out as gifts for Valentine's Day. According to my sample size of a dozen people, they were...ahem...highly effective.

Foxy is (as of 2004), sadly, classified as a schedule 1 hallucinogen in the US, which (though emptythought is quite correct about it's efficacy) wouldn't qualify under your requirement of "not too illegal". Good luck with your party! Sounds fun :)
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