Name that picture.
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Painting which I saw in a Venice art gallery (I think) showing God holding balance with people on each pan. A small demon (imp) is shown pushing up one of the scale pans with a small trident, while sneakily peeping to see if God can see him. I'd love to know the name of the painting and the artist.
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Are you sure it was God and not St Michael (Michael has wings)? St Michael is often shown with scales weighing souls.
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Something like this or this? I doubt these are the painting you are describing, but was it this scene?
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Thing's second "this" link looks like it fits the bill, except that the demon is pulling one guy down (which makes more sense for demons to be doing).
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There are two Guarientos depicting Michael weighing souls while fighting off a demon in the Civic Museum of Padua, which is pretty close to Venice... See the images on Guariento's Italian Wikipedia page here.
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