Looking for a small table to write sitting on the floor
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Hey, I want to try doing my work, reading, using laptop, etc. while sitting on the floor. Actually I am buying a Zabuton too to do meditation so I was thinking sitting on that instead of directly on the floor. But I couldn't find small tables... I'm not even sure what the keyword to search for that is. Surely such tables exist! I'm thinking a slightly inclined table would be better instead of having too rigid angles for my neck. Thanks!

I'm from Canada btw.
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Try the "Lack" end table by IKEA. I've gotten them for ten bucks each in the USA. I think the height's between 45 and 60cm.
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Consider a kotatsu, which also includes a heater to keep you warm in the winter. It's eminently googleable, and I've seen a bunch on US amazon so I'm betting they have them on amazon.ca too.
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I searched "japanese table" on Amazon and got a few results that might work.
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Try using lap desk as your search term of art. They come in many shapes and sized, from book-appropriate on up.
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Also at IKEA, the SVART├ůSEN
laptop stand
might work. It adjusts down to 18 1/2 inches high.
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Check out a kid-sized table. Might be the right size.
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The Zen Office sounds like just what you're looking for.
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Ikea has small tables you can use. I spent an entire year with my office area on a coffee table and I sat on the carpeted floor. I actually think it was two night stand tables pushed together. I guess maybe that sounds weird, but it was a comfortable little space and perfect height for me.

If you want a table very low to the ground, this will sound odd, but temporarily I used a coffee table I had built but didn't attach the legs. The table had a "border" around under it so it would sit nicely on that a couple inches off the ground. It worked good as a little side table that sat on the ground.
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Muji has a low table on its online store, which will be a good height for floor sitting. I sat at a kotatsu table (also from Muji, but they're not offered in NA) most of the time I was in Japan, and I sometimes think of doing it again. I think the adjustable laptop table would be too high still, and that somewhere around 14" high is the right height for working on the floor.

I might also suggest some sort of floor chair, because I found that I did tend to crunch over a bit, and having something to rest your back on helps. The alternative is to have the table near a wall or a sofa so that you can lean back if you need to.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the suggestions. I saw some interesting options. I'll report back when I but my table!
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