Random Kurt Cobain picture
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I saw a framed picture of Kurt Cobain on some home decor website (probably a tour on apartmenttherapy.com) and now I'm fixated on finding it again. Can you help me unfixate?

I'm sure it was a color picture. It looked like someone cut a picture of him out of a magazine or something and taped it on a white background. He was standing up and his legs may have been slightly crossed. I think that he was wearing those sunglasses and no hat. I think that the house belonged to a couple with kids. Any ideas?
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Here's a photo of him standing, no hat, with sunglasses.

Are you looking for the photo itself, or the particular apartment/home you saw?
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Response by poster: I'm looking for the picture of the print in the house. It's definitely similar to that photo but I don't think that that's it.
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When did you see it? Have you checked your browser history?
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I'd look at all the usual photo vendors--Getty, Corbis, Everett Collection, AP Images, Photofest etc.. Some place will have the shot.
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Response by poster: I've checked my browser history. It's been in the past 6 months to a year. Again, it's not the original picture that I'm looking for- I want the photo from the house tour. I liked how it was framed.
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Any idea of approximately how long ago it was that you saw it?
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