Help me find this drawing tutorial video again.
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I'm trying to find a digital painting video, that I've seen previously on YouTube, that involved taking one finished concept art portrait of a man and altering it to create two new, different versions of the concept art.

I know this is a long shot, but I searched all last evening and can't seem to find it again.

In the video the digital artist opened a file in Photoshop with a previously painted/drawn three-quarter view of a man's face and upper shoulders from a slight downward angle (the painting's subject was Caucasian with medium brown mid-length hair cut into a side part). He copied it twice to two new layers, moved the layers over a bit, and started altering the first copy.

On the first copy, he darkened the portrait's skin tone slightly, thickened the general bone structure of the drawing's face and neck, changed the haircut on the drawing to a buzz cut (I'm sure at least the sides were made to look buzzed, the top may have been left longer), and added a slight five o'clock shadow.

For the second copy, the bone structure was made slighter, the hairline raised higher, the skin made paler, and the artist added round/oval framed glasses to the painting.

At the end of the video the artist had three different digital drawings side by side (the original and the two new ones). I'd really like to find this video again, but neglected to bookmark it.

Searching on YouTube there's a video by Xia Taptara along the same lines, but I'm sure this video wasn't the one I saw previously, since the artist didn't change the race of the character at all.

Any ideas on which video this might have been?
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Best answer: I finally found it looking through my old magazine back issues.

ImagineFX has it posted on their YouTube channel under "How to quickly create different character concepts."
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