How do I open this heavy vinyl Godzilla piggybank?
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For a few years, I have been putting extra change into a Godzilla piggybank that I got as a gift (pics inside). Now, of course, I cannot figure out how to open it. The vinyl is very heavy and thick. The plug rotates, but isn't threaded. If you press or pull directly on the plug while rotating, it will move in/out about 1mm. Does anyone have a piggybank with this kind of plug? How do you open it? I assume power tools would work, but I don't own any, and I'd prefer nondestructive solutions, if possible.
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Could it be that there are hidden slots and tabs such that you need to rotate the plug to a specific angle before it will come out?
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There's one shown here on ebay that has a pic of the plug removed. It looks like you'll need to rotate the plug to find the right east/west or north/south orientation and then pull.
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I would find a large pliers or crescent wrench to turn that plug with.
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Response by poster: Holy wow, that ebay pic is helpful! I swear I've Googled for similar banks and not found anything. Unfortunately, mine doesn't have any arrows or markings on the bottom (any notches you see are when I started jabbing with scissors/screwdriver).

I've applied downward pressure on the plug in most rotational orientations, to no avail. And it's much harder to pull up on it in a specific orientation, though, because you really have to rotate at the same time to get enough friction to make it move up at all (and then you can only get it flush with the bottom).

I'll scrounge around for some pliers, thanks!
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Best answer: I have a plastic bank like that. I have to pry the plug out by inserting a butter knife or a screwdriver under the lip of the plug. It is a pain.
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Best answer: There's also one shown here that has a different "bottom". If you have pushed and pulled at various intervals with no joy, just try putting a spoon as a wedge, to muscle it out. A screw driver, a butter knife...something of that ilk.
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Response by poster: The edges of the plug were too brittle to pry against and kept breaking off, so I ended up poking the whole thing in, but whatevs, now I'm rich. Thanks!
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Was there some kind of mechanism for opening it? or was it like the webmistress' example where it was meant to be just pryed out?
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Response by poster: No mechanism, no inner ring to line up with anything. Just a smooth plug.
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