So...what do YOU want to do?
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Need recommendations for stuff to do with a friend. A few snowflakes ahead.

I'm staying with my parents for the holidays and trying to see my local friends before I head home. One of them is currently without a job, so I've been brainstorming hang-out ideas that don't cost much money, with little success. (As a grad student, I don't have the money myself to foot any bills.) Additional snowflakes: she lives at home with her family and neither of us drives. We're near Philadelphia if that makes any difference.

I've been scanning the events sections of both Philly Weekly and City Paper. I thought maybe the hive-mind could offer some suggestions I've overlooked. (I'm not providing details about what we like to do because I'm hoping for as wide a range of options as possible.)

So what's cheap (or free) and fun for two people at 30 who have nowhere to hang out?

Thanks in advance.
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Ask her to come over and help you clean out your parents' basement/garage/attic and then have a garage sale. Use the money to go drinking.
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Hanging out and catching up is just that. Pick an easy to get to coffee place, and hang out.

A tour of Eastern State Penitentiary would be interesting. Students pay $10 and there's a coupon on the site if you buy the tickets on-line. I toured Alcatraz and it's really interesting.

If either of you has a SEPTA pass, the Philly Phlash is kind of fun. It's running through Wednesday. Hop on and have it drive you past different landmarks. If you don't have a SEPTA pass, it's only $2.

Have fun!
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Find a trail, bundle up, and catch up with one another on a hike/walk. Everyone could use a little outdoor exercise right about now.
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Whereabouts near Philly, and do you have easy public transit into the city? My answer might change depending on where in the suburbs you are, and how much time/money getting into Philly proper would involve.
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Are you able to get to any nearby college or university? They often have free or cheap performances, cool museums (art, history, natural science) greenhouses, displays in their libraries, talks, movie showings . . . .
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Board games.
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RiverRink Winterfest. Cheap or free - holiday light shows and ice skating. Bring your own cocoa.
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I'm a sucker for Eastern State so definitely do that if you haven't been. Admission is around $15 but you can find various discounts. You can spend hours there. Warning: it'll be freezing inside.

First Sunday of the month is "pay what you want" at the Art Museum.

First Friday in Old City is a good time. Art galleries will have public open houses and there are usually venders and lots of fun people watching opportunties.

2nding Winterfest down by the waterfront. Very pretty, super festive, free unless you want to go ice skating.
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I don't know about you, but when I meet up with an old friend we talk a LOT. Like, we can just sit in someone's living room and drink tea and gab. So that would certainly be an option. Maybe find a restaurant or delivery place that has a good deal and order some food, or you could cook together.
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A few points of clarification: This friend and I typically plunk down somewhere and talk for hours, which is totally cool and all, but I was at least considering the possibility of mixing it up. I'm liking the prospect of Winterfest. Walking a trail is also great. Lord knows I've eaten too much the past week and could do with the exercise.

ActionPopulated, we're about forty-five minutes by bus/el outside of the city. Getting there is really no problem.

Thanks for the answers so far!
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If you are local friends since high school or earlier, you were probably broke and not driving then, too, so some of the same things should work. Playground, park, mall, whatever the old stomping grounds were. It'll spark memories.
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Netflix marathon
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