What are your favorite life-enhancing podcasts? Pls suggest away!
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Help me make the best of a much longer drive to work - through podcasts. What are your favorite podcasts to listen to?

Looking for podcasts related to management, leading organizations, parenthood/motherhood or life coaching-esque podcasts...essentially anything that might make these 45 minutes productive ones. If there is a faith based podcast you recommend, would be interested in that too. TIA.
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Back to Work is often related to work management, work/life balance, and finding ways to succeed and do what you want with your time. It's hit and miss; both guys like to interrupt each other to talk about comic books and coding, so it feels in-jokey to me. But they talk about parenting things that are generally interesting, and the show helped me think through a lot of career angst. At the very least, listen to episode 7.
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Ted Radio Hour and RadioLab are both life-enhancing and inspirational in an insightful, big picture sort of way. I half-jokingly refer to Ted Radio Hour as "Humanist Church."
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I like Robb Wolf's podcasts -- the ones where he and Greg Everett answer questions from listeners, not the ones where the guests are there to sell their new cookbook or exercise technique. The questions are mostly about nutrition and weight lifting, but there's other advice in there too, and a lot of "Go do the thing you know you should do" encouragement.
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If you are a parent, you may be interested in Pediacast, which has greatly increased my medical literacy.
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Kind of meta to the specific topics you listed, but yielding the vibe I think you're getting at, I'm sure I won't be the only one to recommend the Tobolowsky Files.

They're nominally about show-biz ("life, love, and the entertainment industry"), but that's just on the surface. The guy's wise, deep, and profoundly spiritual (without grinding that stuff in one's face).
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One Bad Mother is about the It's Not Always Easy parts of parenting -- plus funny and sympathy! :))
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StartUp is a unique view into starting a business.
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This may not be applicable, but I've been getting a lot out of listening to the A Slob Comes Clean podcast.

As far as faith-based, I'm Buddhist, so these are the ones I listen to semi-regularly: Audio Dharma, Austin Zen Center Dharma Talks, Hardcore Zen, Heart Wisdom, Houston Zen Center Dharma Talks, Open Air with Cheri Huber, San Francisco Zen Center Dharma Talks, Thich Nhat Hanh Dharma Talks, Sounds True: Insights at the Edge
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Radiolab, This American Life
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Nthing RadioLab and Robb Wolf's podcasts (the earlier ones that're Q&As are much better). Also; 99U Podcast and The Moth.

Faith-based: I'm Pagan and dig Elemental Castings, Dharma Classes, and Alan Watts' podcasts.
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The Broad Experience is a good one about women and the workplace. As for parenting ones, I like The Longest Shortest Time, One Bad Mother, Totally Mommy, and Mom and Dad are Fighting.
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