Language learning podcasts for kids: Italian and hebrew
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Do you know of any podcasts available through iTunes that are for kids and either teach Italian or Hebrew or are just podcasts in those languages that are kid appropriate?
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I'm not personally familiar with any podcasts for kids in hebrew, but I can recommend a few things for learning Hebrew.
First off, you didn't mention how old the kid is, or if they know any Hebrew right now, but there are some great 90's TV shows that did a good job of teaching kids the alphabet, for example Bli Sodot (without secrets). Another great educational program is Parpar Nehmad (Nice Butterfly) - it doesn't teach language, but the dialogues are fairly simple because it's kid-friendly.
If you haven't already, you can try an itunes search for לימוד עברית לילדים (learning Hebrew for kids), no podcasts come up but a few apps do.
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