Recommend guided meditation podcasts, please.
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I'm looking for podcasts that have interesting guided meditations. I've found a few meditation podcasts, but they don't seem to have updated in ages. I have an android phone and use Podkicker. I'd like sleep and relaxation themed meditations, preferably less than 50 minutes long.
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I am a huge fan of Meditation Oasis. Love Mary's voice and her delivery. They also have a standalone app.
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I thought that the Mindful Awareness Research Center (MARC) of UCLA had some very nice guided meditations. They are all under 50 minutes.
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Dharmaseed and Zen Podcast - both of these have them but not every episode is a meditation so you have to look for them.
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It's not a podcast, but the free Insight Timer app has some really great guided meditations.

I've also been really enjoying the Headspace meditations - there is a monthly subscription fee (after a free trial), though.
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Seconding The talks are free on a dana (voluntary donation) basis and this is a hub for an enormous number of wonderful teachers. Here, for example, is a guided relaxation meditation, which I found in about 10 seconds by searching for "relaxation" and "guided"
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I am not woo but struggled with anxiety in the past. I researched and my absolute favorite is this Present Focused Awareness Exercise that was recommended to me by the Boston University Center for Anxiety. It's part of their Oxford University Press' "Treatments that Work" series, and you can find it separately under downloadable tools. It gives you the tools to basically pull yourself together. I recommend it to everyone who asks for a non-woo meditation podcast.
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I really love Moodstreams Meditation Getaways (free on iTunes) though he hasn't updated in years.

Also, lots of guided meditations here.
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You probably already found The Meditation Podcast. They don't update often, but what they do have is wonderful.
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Seconding Insight Timer.
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I'm a big fan of Yoga Nidra in general, and I recommend the long and short guided versions by Swami Janakananda, Experience Yoga Nidra, in particular.
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Susan Piver's Open Heart Project has free weekly video guided meditations.
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